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Additional Support Needs

At Renfrew Street Nursery staff acknowledge that each child is unique and so every child will be supported to access the whole curriculum and to enjoy and celebrate success in their learning. Our aspiration for all children is that they are supported to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. We will work with you to achieve this for your child.

 We believe that all children learn in different ways and may experience a variety of additional support needs at different times in their education. For some children, the support they require will be of a long-term nature, whereas for others, it may only be for a temporary short period. Parents are urged to discuss any worries/concerns they may have about their child’s development or behaviour with the Head of Establishment or their child’s Keyworker.

If your child requires additional support, staff will observe/monitor your child’s progress and this will be discussed with you. Your views are important to us and will be taken into account when a plan is created to help your child take his/her learning forward.

The nursery works closely with outside agencies including Psychological Services, Speech and Language Therapy and Health Visitors etc. If your child has received any additional support to access the curriculum or to take learning forward, his/her local school will be informed of this before his/her first day in August. A meeting, to which you will be invited, will be arranged so that your child’s transition is made as smooth as possible for him/her and everyone involved.  This may also involve a Wellbeing Plan being put in place to support your child.

The authority’s policy in relation to provision for additional support needs.

Glasgow City Council has a duty, as outlined in the Standards in Scotland’s

Schools 2000 Act, to ensure that your child achieves their potential. Glasgow’s Education Services is committed to the inclusion of all children and young people with additional support needs, where possible, within mainstream schools. This is in accordance with the statutory requirements in the 2000 Act. The authority recognises that there are a wide range of factors, which may act as a barrier to your child’s learning.

We are committed to working closely with parents and carers to ensure that you are fully involved in overcoming barriers to learning. Additional support needs may be linked to a learning difficulty or disability but could also apply to a child or young person suffering from bereavement who requires pastoral support, a more able child/young person or those with a particular talent, which needs to be fully developed. The policy requires all establishments to provide an environment where children and young people with additional support needs are actively encouraged to be effective learners and benefit from their school education.

Any parent/carer seeking further advice regarding this policy should contact the Head of Establishment in the first instance.

If a parent is unhappy with the support their child is getting they must first discuss this with the nursery in order to seek a resolution at a local level.

Further information relating to Additional Support Needs is also available on the Glasgow City Council website.