Renfrew Street Nursery
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Medication & Medical Requirements

If your child is in need of medication during his/her time at nursery, you should discuss their requirements with the Head of Establishment.  Prescribed medication will be given at the discretion of the Head of Establishment, and you will be required to complete a form authorising the nursery staff to administer the medication to your child. The Head of Establishment will give you the necessary form to complete and explain how we manage medication.  Please allow time to complete these forms before dropping off your child.

If your child has a medical condition it is extremely important that you discuss this with the Head of Establishment to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your child. E.g. If your child suffers from asthma you must tell the Head of Establishment if there are any activities or specific circumstances, which are likely to bring on an attack and provide an inhaler if needed. If your child suffers from epileptic attacks you must inform the Head of Establishment of any emergency treatment required.